A Guide on Password Managers

To be secure, it is necessary to use unique passwords for each of your online accounts. A password manager is the convenient way to make online browsing more secure, they are simpler and faster for you, the user. The best password is the one you cannot remember, so why not use a password manager to create and maintain every password you will ever need?

A password manager is essentially a digital gatekeeper, it keeps your individual passwords secure and helps create strong passwords for each of your online accounts.  There are several different ones such a 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass and KeyPass to name a few examples.

No longer do you need to type out every password, the password manager should automatically complete log in forms on your computer, and on your phone. You can also copy passwords from the password manager app to the service you are trying to login to. You will have just one master password to sit down and memorise. You will use this password to login to your password management system to access other passwords, you are not expected to remember any others.

Wrapping up, password managers are secure and easy to use, create complex passwords, are accessible on all devices and once set up are easy to maintain!

The Top Three Password Managers

Now you have decided to use a password manager, which ones are recommended? LastPass, 1Password and Dashlane have been picked for their secure service they also all support Windows, Chrome, Mac and Linux as well as available on IOS and android, meaning you can use them on any combination of software and phone.


LastPass is a free software available on offers a secure service and is packed with features. You can store any number of passwords and store credit card details and addresses so they can be entered and automatically filled in when filling in forms online.

LastPass supports multi-factor authentication, which secures the user further. As well as this the service offers free credit monitoring, multiple identities and a password generator whilst it stores all your encrypted information on its cloud servers meaning the user can easily get passwords across devices and can share passwords with family members.  The monthly premium unlocks the ability to log into apps on your phone and sync information between devices. This further prevents other people accessing your emails and social medias, if you happen to lose your phone.


1Password is a featured password manager that offers the perfect service for families by providing a shared password protection system. The software includes a strong password generator, username and password storage and secure sharing. The developers, confident with the tool’s security, had offered a $100,000 prize for anyone that can breach the system.

Features include two-factor authentication, alerts you to security breaches, protects from phishing and your data from keyloggers.  The service includes a built-in “watchtower” designed to notify the user of ongoing website breaches. The password manager is therefore safe not only for the individual but also a family.


Dashlane markets itself as a simplifier, storing logins for up to 50 accounts. The service not only fills in passwords but like LastPass, stores all kinds of information to ease filling in forms online such as contact details and addresses.  It even shares encrypted passwords with emergency contacts in case you have trouble with your account.

The premium service is the most impressive yet, not only does it allow you to synchronise all your passwords across you devices, it also monitors the dark web for data breaches and can send personalised alerts if any of your details appear in a batch of stolen data. Premium also includes VPN allowing for browsing the web via Wi-Fi hotspots secure and provides secure file storage, ideal for scanned ID documents, insurance policies and receipts.